sunflower :)

never reminisce all my pain in the past,
never be alone and feel grievous,
sometimes i wonder if this was what i dreamed
afraid of losing and so i turned back,
if i could just find my way,
can i laugh just once again,
 to escape from those days filled with greed and pain,
i hope that everything would change,
just remember that you are not alone,
and those painful memories are just not important anymore
if someone could stop my tears someday,
i believe that you will tell me everything,
that," i owned you my friend" and "it will be alright"
someone out there please just tell me,
tell me those thing, i would cherish myself even more,

and i would love my self,
i wanna ask myself what i am really expecting,

i will never cry again, i've still got time to change,
i will tell you everything someday, dear the starting of my everyday,
"hope that you can move everybody's heart" and "baby don't you ever worry about"
the future ahead, i would cherish myself even more and i would love myself even more.



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